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Electric Commuter Bike vs Tesla Model 3

How much energy does it take to move a human from point A to point B?  Ever wondered what the most energy efficient way to do this is?  In a head to head contest on energy efficiency how would the Telsa Model 3 compare to a electric commuter bike?


5 Great Eco-friendly Products for Adventurous Travelers

Going off the beaten path does not mean forgoing some of the benefits of modern living.

Gear & Gadgets

Rocket Skates – Worlds First Smart Electric Skates

Ever wanted to strap some rockets to your feet?  Now you can with these motorized electric roller skates that propel you at up to 12 mph.

Gear & Gadgets

Solpro Helios Smart 5000mAh Tri-Fold Solar Charging Power Bank

From $120, The solpro helios smart is a solar powered smart charger.


Quadrofoil Electric Hydrofoil Personal Watercraft

From USD$25,200 Quadrofoil is a thrilling, yet quiet and eco-friendly watercraft.


Eco Reco M3 Electric Scooter

Are you looking for a compact folding electric scooter that will quickly bring you from one destination to


Yuneec E-Go Cruiser Electric Skateboard

Ride the future – the lightest electric skateboard with an amazing 30km (18mi) range.