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How to Build a Tiny House – DIY Tiny House Design

Introduction In this post we have brought together a collection of tiny house designs from our YouTube Channel to give you some design inspiration, show you how to build your own tiny house, how to save thousands on your DIY tiny house build and also give you some resources to put your tiny house dreams into


Unique and Unusual Mothers Day Gifts

It’s hard to believe it is that time of year again with Mother Day fast approaching (yes it is on the second Sunday of May each year just in case you forgot) and our thoughts turn to the best way to celebrate the lady who brought you or your children into the world and work


How to Ride to Work without Sweating – Ride to Work on an Electric Scooter, Electric Skateboard or Electric Bike

I don’t know about you but I would love to ride to work every day.  It’s good for your health and good for the environment and I reckon I could probably ride to work almost a quick as driving since I would avoid most of the traffic.  The problem is…

Gift ideas

YikeBike Fusion – Electric Bike

From $2500 the YikeBike is officially the smallest and lightest folding electric bike in the world.

Gear & Gadgets

Rocket Skates – Worlds First Smart Electric Skates

Ever wanted to strap some rockets to your feet?  Now you can with these motorized electric roller skates that propel you at up to 12 mph.

For The Home

Loudbasstard Eco Friendly Portable Bamboo Rattan Passive Amplifier

Handmade Made Eco Friendly Portable Bamboo Rattan Passive Amplifier – Amplify the Sound of your Mobile Cell Phone & Make your Music Sound great, Look Good & Go Green For the Love of Music


Quadrofoil Electric Hydrofoil Personal Watercraft

From USD$25,200 Quadrofoil is a thrilling, yet quiet and eco-friendly watercraft.

Gear & Gadgets

JAQ Fuel Cell Charger

The World’s smallest pocket sized fuel cell charger.

Gear & Gadgets

Solpro Helios Smart 5000mAh Tri-Fold Solar Charging Power Bank

From $120, The solpro helios smart is a solar powered smart charger.

Gear & Gadgets

Ninebot One Wheel Self Balancing Unicycle Scooter

Ninebot One is an intelligent and fashionable personal transportation tool with interactive function.